I am about to be absorbed the world of Polyamory: Married and Dating.

I shall attempt to give a less-than-biased opinion of it.

I’m goin’ to the Poly Potluck today with my wife and most likely my best friend. I’m really quite excited - haven’t been there in 2 months now.

So, I do have to admit - of all the breakups that I’ve had, I have to say this most recent one was far more irritating than anything. I’m a non-confrontational kind of person, I really don’t like confrontation if I can help it. I prefer to talk it out and what not (just ignore the feels running down my face on occasion, they just escape, I swear).

Now! The reason it was irritating was because there wasn’t any discussion about it, there wasn’t any communication. As far as we knew everything was fine and dandy and then bam one day no more answering messages of any form. It was confusing and frustrating to say the least (granted, at first I was like - OH MY GOD SHE’S DEAD! WHAT IF SHE DIED?!)

Anyways - the reason I’m posting about this is because I’m curious about your guys’ breakups and what not. What experiences have you had? Advice? Awesomeness? Cos like… I want to do a general post about how to break up in the poly community. Just because the ones I’ve read are interesting.

Oh and in case I was at all confusing or lack of information - my fiancee and I didn’t breakup. Our girlfriend broke up with us.

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Aquarius over here! Boything is an Aries. I’m trying to figure out why this anon thinks this his relevant…

Hah, I’ve gotten along quite well with Aquarius’ :P no wonder.


I’m sick of hearing in songs how one person can make you whole or complete you. How once they come along everything will be dandy. I think we as a society need to stop relying upon others to make us whole and instead try to change ourselves. There isn’t one perfect person who will make all your troubles and insecurities away and if you keep thinking that your relationships won’t work out. 

I believe in order to have a really successful relationship we need to work on ourselves before we can truly be happy with another person. This applies not just to relationships but to friendships too. 

To put pressure on someone for them to be your everything is too much. Work on yourself and become the person you want to be and the right person will come along. 

I’m quite tired of this concept in general as well. I mean, yeah - you might find a person who is 80% everything you want, but not 100%. There’s always compromises that have to be made. That’s how relationships work successfully - compromise and talking about your feels (which falls under that whole “communication” thing).

Though I will admit - I do like listening to the songs simply because they’re upbeat most of the time. I guess they fall into one of those dirty little secret categories. XD

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I’ve missed you too! I’m just like… “ah… time to chill and relax and not be stressed anymore…”

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love the gif at the top of your blog! thanks for being so open about your preferences. you GiveMeHope. =) does your zodiac sign happen to be Taurus or Aquarius? what are the zodiac signs of your wife and girlfriend?

Thank you! I love that .gif too, my friend (natasi) made it for me when I made this blog since Legend of the Seeker will forever have a special place in my heart (and I’ve poly headcanons for quite a few of the characters in that show). That’s exactly the reason why I made this blog - I wanted somewhere where I could be open and awesome. <3.

I’m actually a Pisces and my fiancée is a Leo; our girlfriend was an Aquarius.

So, after an unexpected (and relatively long hiatus) I have returned as the herald of awesome. For those of you interested in my life and reasons for lack of activity on this blog of epicness:

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